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Private Lessons

Whether you are just starting your gymnastics journey or a competitive gymnast looking for extra coaching support, Private Lessons are your fast-tracked way to skill acquisition and improvement.

Available for all ages from children to adults in a range of different areas including strength, fitness, flexibility, Recreational Gymnastics, Competitive Gymnastics, Ninja, Tumbling, Acro, Trampolining and stunt work.


Personalised Training

Private Lessons give you the opportunity to tailor your training program based on individual needs. This may be to increase strength, improve flexibility or to finally learn that backflip you always dreamed of doing!

Fast-Tracked Results

With one-on-one training, you can minimise time wasted and maximise results. Our Accredited Coaches are there to motivate and support you through your gymnastics journey, whilst giving individual attention to your body mechanics, experience, goals and fitness level.

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