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Building confidence, coordination and creativity!


Bunnerong's Competitive Squads set children up for a lifetime of healthy lifestyle choices:


Disease Prevention 
Participating in moderate gymnastics training regularly reduces the risk of developing health related diseases such as asthma, cancer, obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Gymnastics encourages a healthy diet, regular exercise and a balanced lifestyle. Gymnastics training assists in the building of strong bones in children and can decrease the risk of developing osteoporosis in later life. Children, teenagers, adults and the elderly can equally reap the health benefits of gymnastics participation. 

Improves Motor Skill Development and Accelerates Learning 
In competitive gymnastics training, athletes learn how to strategically fall, and are constantly making minor adjustments in movements. These constant adjustments allow gymnasts to become more aware of movements and their consequences. This improves coordination and accelerates the learning of fine motor skills. 

Improves Concentration

Gymnastics helps improve focus in young people and adults. Gymnastics tasks require high levels of concentration in order to reduce the risk of injury. Improved concentration and focus comes from the independent thinking and problem solving skills developed while learning a new skill or completing a difficult task. Improving concentration can also improve a person’s cognitive function and memory skills.


Gymnastics training teaches discipline to athletes from a young age. Athletes must be able to take corrections from their coaches and apply them independently; they must also be able to continue with their program on their own when a coach is working with another athlete. Gymnasts learn to have the discipline and commitment to attend class every session. In addition, athletes acquire determination to push through fears in order to achieve new skills.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices 

The busy schedule that gymnastics training demands on top of schooling may seem overwhelming, however, gymnastics creates more mentally healthy children and increases self-esteem.

Time Management 
It is a common occurrence that top performing gymnasts are also top performing students. This is due to the fact that gymnastics teaches young people time management skills. Students involved in gymnastics must typically plan their weeks in advance.  Adults who participate in gymnastics as children are generally better at managing their time later in life than those with no gymnastics experience. 

Bunnerong provides young athletes with the ability to perform routines from Gymnastics Australia's National Levels Program, with opportunities to compete at Regional, State and National competitions.


Meet The Team

Competitive Programs

Men's Artistic Gymnastics



Combines physical abilities of power, co-ordination and flexibility with a disciplined focus.

MAG is a great activity to channel energy and fearlessness.

It begins with balance and strength development and continues to develop a complete range of physical demands which can be used in any other sport.

Squads train from 1.5 hours to 6 hours per week.

Women's Artistic Gymnastics



Builds co-ordination and self-confidence in young women through expression and skill progression.

WAG training emphasises body weight strength to improve core strength, reflexes, whole body muscle extension and flexion, and balance. A large amount of time is spent on improving technique, body posture and flexibility.

Squads train from 8 hours to 16 hours per week.

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