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MAG Level 2 performing a bridge

Flexibility is the capacity of a joint or muscle to move through its full range of motion but being flexible in one part of your body doesn’t necessarily mean you will be flexible in another. Working on flexibility is great for adults, teenagers and children as it is known to reduce injuries, creates better posture and body alignment. Working on flexibility can also reduce stress and generate a positive mind frame.

Without the right range of motion, gymnasts may struggle to complete certain skills. When a gymnast is competitive, they may also get deductions for not reaching a certain point. For gymnasts, hip and leg flexibility is important in order to do skills like leaps, split jumps and some acrobatic skills. Shoulder flexibility is important in order to do bridges, walkovers and back handsprings along with numerous other skills.

There are a few ways to improve flexibility, first one includes static stretching, this means holding a stretch for 20 – 30 seconds as far as you can go, e.g. holding the splits. Second aspect of flexibility is dynamic which is stretching joined with movement, e.g. straight leg kicks to the front and split jumps.

Be patient and only stretch to the point that you can reach. With practice of stretching, you will see an improvement in your flexibility!

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