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Being a Gymnastics Coach

Ever wondered what it would be like being a gymnastics coach? There are so many aspects of coaching that unless you have done it, you don’t know. Many gymnastics coaches have been brought up by competing in the sport when they were younger and it is a valuable way for them to share their knowledge to those who give the sport a go.

Being a gymnastics coach, you are able to build trusted relationships through spotting, being able to spot a different tumble or trick requires some serious hand-eye coordination and talent. Making the athlete feel safe with your ability to spot them is a way to build a strong bond between an athlete and coach.

Working with children is extremely unpredictable and more to say, they are hilarious! Their words and actions can completely better your day just by being themselves. Being a gymnastics coach is fun and exciting because you can let these children to come in to the gym and explore their own personalities by allowing their creative, bubbly sides come out but also teaching them how to do different gymnastics elements.

As a gymnastics coach, you are a role model. It touches a coach’s heart knowing how much a child looks up to them and how much of an impact they can make on a child. Playing a part in the development on a child’s physical and mental strength is a role that a coach values and respects entirely.

Coaching never gets boring as every class and person you work with has a different personality and never tires, it truly is the best being a gymnastics coach!!

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