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Gymnastics requires a lot of strength, power and endurance along with flexibility and dance. Gymnasts also need a superior amount of balance dynamically and statically throughout all of the apparatuses. Balance is the ability to maintain a controlled body position during task performance with the equal distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady and in gymnastics balancing is majorly used without even realising.

Balance can help your awareness and the movement of your body. If you practice gymnastics often you will be able to use different parts of your body in a versatile way whether it be on their knees, hands or legs, different challenges will be set for the age, size and ability of the individual. Balance is essential for correct postural responses e.g. when a child is walking along the beam and fall off, they may put their hands out first instead landing on their feet. With good balancing and correct posture, there is less likelihood of injuries and a better response all round in their gymnastics.

To improve the balance of the gymnast, correct alignment of the body to maintain balance is the main target. Most of the time, balance comes from the core and distributed throughout the whole body as they are the central muscles for the greater body stability. Improvement on their muscle strength, muscular endurance and sensory processors will allow the body to be able to receive and interpret the correct muscles in order to balance.

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