1. Do not enter the gym before the class starts or without a coach.

2. Gymnasts must line up at the entry door and wait for their coach to bring their class in.

3. Food and drinks must not be taken into the gym.

4. No running inside or outside the gym. Classes must line up and follow coaches to their apparatus.

5. Do not climb on chairs in the foyer or the poles outside the gym.

6. Always dress in appropriate gym wear, no baggy clothes or dresses. No jewellery and hair must be tied up.

7. Sneakers or bare feet only on the gym floor. Heels and hard soled shoes are NOT permitted at any time.

8. Parents are not permitted in the gym, unless for a parent participation class. Please watch from the foyer.

9. No photos or videos are to be taken of your child’s class. You may only take photos or videos of them, before or after their class.

10. Ensure gymnasts arrive to their class on time, so that they do not miss warm up and risk injury.

11. Do not use equipment without supervision by and permission from a coach.

12. Listen carefully to the coaches’ instructions.

13. Report unsafe or broken equipment to a coach.


14. Do not leave valuables unattended.