1. What if I am advised to notify Bunnerong of a close contact/positive COVID-19?

Please contact Bunnerong’s COVID-19 Safety Coordinator immediately on 0423 522 531.

2. What happens if I am sick or have flu like symptoms?

Please do not attend classes – please advise the office via email and we will arrange a credit to your account. Please follow government guidelines regarding isolation and COVID-19 Testing.


3. What if my child’s school is closed due to COVID-19?

Please do not attend classes – please advise the office via email and we will arrange a credit to your account. Please follow guidelines regarding isolation and COVID19 Testing as advised by the school/institution.

4. What is the size of the venue?

Bunnerong’s total building footprint is approx. 976 m² with the ‘Gym Area’ approximately 830m². Based on the 4m² rule this allows in excess of 200 people to be in the facility. It is noted the current NSW Government restriction is 100 people and Bunnerong will be running sessions for Term 2 with a total considerably less than 100.

5. Can Adults train?

At this stage no. This will be reviewed following NSW Government advice and in consideration to reinstating a number of programs.

6. What do I do if the class I want is full?

Please advise us of the class you are interested in via email and if there is enough demand we will do our best to add in an additional class and/or look at providing a combined class.

7. Are parents allowed to watch from the foyer?

Unfortunately not, to abide by our COVID Safety Plan and social distancing requirements parents are not permitted to wait inside the foyer. We kindly ask parents to wait outside and our coaches will collect and return children to the front door.

8. Where can I purchase chalk for my child?

Chalk is available for purchase at the office for $5 per block, children are required to keep this in a named container and bring their own spray bottle. There will be no shred chalk stations available inside the gym anymore. 

9. If my child has left clothing/shoes/water bottle in the foyer/gym can can I collect it?

All lost property will be disposed of at the end of each week, please ensure gymnasts take their belongings home with them.

10. Why do you have to keep the windows and doors open at all times?

We are required to keep doors and windows open to increase ventilation inside the gym.

11. Can my child fill their water bottle up at the gym?

No, we ask gymnasts to bring a bottle full of water as our bubbler is not available. 

12. Can my child bring snacks to training?

No, gymnasts are not permitted to bring food to training. 

13. Do you have changing facilities? 

We ask gymnasts to arrive at gymnastics ready to train, as per Gymnastics NSW "drop, train, leave approach", we do not have chancing facilities available.

14. Do you have sanitising stations inside the gym?

Yes, we have hand sanitising stations available at the entry and exit of the gym and at every apparatus.​